Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents in California

In California, there are approximately 800,000 registered motorcyclists, and as of 2017, it was considered home to the highest number of motorcyclists in the nation. Due to this high number of motorcyclists, there are also, unfortunately, a high number of motorcycle accidents of varying degrees of severity. Although California does have a universal helmet law that requires motorcyclists always to wear helmets, helmets only reduce the risk of death and severe head injuries by 29 percent. Still, more than 400 people are killed each year in California due to motorcycle accidents. If you or a loved one are severely or fatally injured, we advise you to seek out an attorney for motorcycle accidents in California as soon as possible. Your lawyer will explain the proceedings of your case step by step to ensure that you are both on the same page regarding how your case is being handled, alongside guiding you through the complexities of the legal system. While your first consultation with your lawyer for motorbike accidents won’t provide you with the exact amount of financial compensation an insurance company will provide, it will estimate how much compensation you will receive. With the guidance of an attorney for motorcycle accidents in California, your attorney will ensure that you file all of the right claims to best suit your circumstance and assist you in securing the safety of your family’s finances.

California Motorcycle Accident Court Case

The majority of motorcycle accidents conclude with an agreed settlement, in which the party proven liable agrees with the innocent party on the compensation they are owed. However, there are instances where neither party claims liability nor can come to an agreement on the settlement. In these circumstances, the case will be taken to court. If a lawyer does end up representing your case in court, you may be required to testify on all of the damages you have received from the incident. Your lawyer will help you prepare and understand the possible outcomes of taking your case to court. Most likely, your lawyer will gather evidence of the defendant’s negligence in your accident which they will present to the court, alongside any expenses that have arisen due to the accident, to explain the requirements of your compensation claim. Your lawyer is here to guide you through this process every step of the way.

Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents in California

Motorcycle Accident Accusation in California

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are not rare in California. As of a 2016 study, California is thought to be home to the most motorbike accidents in the nation. Accidents involving motorcycles are typically due to one party’s negligence while driving. For individuals accused of causing a motorcycle accident or who are partially at fault, we advise you to seek out the counsel of a lawyer for motorcycle accidents. With the aid of an experienced lawyer, they may be able to provide evidence that proves your innocence or only partially negligence of an accident. Most often, someone can be proved innocent in events where there are existential circumstances that may have led to the accident. These existential circumstances can include spillages on the road, other motorists failing to see a motorcyclist, potholes and other defects in the road or incidents involving people (e.x. opening a car door and hitting a motorcyclist). Your lawyer may also prove that the other party involved in the incident was also partially to blame for an accident due to their negligence. If your lawyer is unable to prove another party’s negligence they will guide you through the process of claiming liability.
Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents in California

Motorcycle Accident California Attorney Cost

The Cost of a motorcycle accident attorney will vary from case to case, and has many outstanding factors that will affect the cost of each individual lawyer. Some of these outstanding factors that may determine the cost of your case are the length of your case, the severity, whether it goes to court and whether a government or business entity is involved in the accident. Beyond the factors that may determine a lawyer’s expense on a case, each lawyer may already have a standing price that reflects their experience, track record of success, communication and the trust they secure in their client’s cases. We recommend that you also pay attention to the successes of your lawyer and, where possible, gain any reviews their former clients may have left, as this will give you some insight as to how your lawyer will handle your case. When hiring a motorbike accident lawyer, you should also know whether you are paying them a flat rate or doing a contingency fee. If you are paying a lawyer a flat rate, be sure to question whether this includes any other expenses that may arise in your cases, such as the cost of medical records, litigation costs, process server fees, expert witness fees and deposition costs. If your lawyer offers you a contingency fee agreement, you will only owe attorney fees if they are successful in winning your case through a trial or, more commonly, through a settlement. We recommend that you pay attention and consider all of these aspects for legal representation as a mutual understanding between you and your lawyer is necessary when tackling your case.

Motorcycle Accident California D.U.I

If the driver’s negligent actions were under a foreign substance and was charged with a D.U.I caused your accident. We highly advise you to seek out counsel from an attorney for motorcycle accidents. In 2018 alone, 4985 motorcyclists were documented as being in fatal accidents, many occurring due to a driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In cases such as these, defendants will often prove to be liable as they chose to drive while under the influence and knowingly put other drivers in harm. As they are liable, their insurance companies may try to contact you directly. However, we never recommend dealing with a defendant’s insurance company without the counsel of a lawyer for motorbike accidents to guide you through this legal process. In California, when D.U.I.s occur and cause accidents to motorcyclists, the offender will be charged under California Vehicle Code 23153. California vehicle code 23153 ensures that the guilty party will be charged with a D.U.I. and can be charged with a personal injury lawsuit. If you are the individual charged with a D.U.I and are wondering if you can file a claim for your accident; the answer will differ from case to case. It may be the case that the other party is also at fault for negligent driving, in which case you can file as partly to blame. If the evidence collaborates with you only being partly to blame, your compensation will be reduced due to contributory negligence, but you can still file a claim.