Attorneys For Motorcycle Collisions in California

Suppose you are in California and were in a motorcycle accident and were either accused of being at fault or are a victim of another party’s negligent driving. In that case, we strongly advise you to seek the counsel of an Attorney for motorcycle collisions in California. Some of the most common accusations brought against motorcyclists for being at fault for an accident are riding at an unsafe speed, using improper turning signals, impeding a car’s right of way, driving while impaired or performing an unsafe lane change. If there is evidence of you being a negligent driver and at fault for an accident, a good lawyer for motorcycle accidents will be able to analyze your case and find evidence that may lead to you being capable of filing for partial fault, due to either existential circumstances or on the part of the other driver’s negligence. As the composition of motorcycles is far smaller in profile compared to cars, they often go unseen by negligent drivers, which may cause an accident to ensue. In California, there are thousands of cases each year that are caused by negligent drivers who are not aware of motorcyclists being in their proximity. While the motorcyclist may have been speeding or conducting other negligent driving practices, there are instances where your lawyer may be able to argue that a competent driver would have still been capable of spotting you and preventing an accident from occurring. You must gain proper counsel from a lawyer for a motorcycle accident. The counsel of an experienced lawyer will assist you in acquiring the appropriate compensation that you are owed and dealing with filing claims with insurance companies.    
Attorneys For Motorcycle Collisions in California

Do I need a motorcycle accident attorney?

Any individual that has been in a motorcycle accident should seek the counsel of a motorcycle accident attorney. Often, if the defendants are proven to be liable, you may be contacted directly by their insurance company to discuss your compensation. If you are without counsel, there is a chance that you will not receive the total amount of payment that you are owed. While the amount they are offering may sound satisfactory at first, a motorcycle accident attorney will be able to factor in the cost of your future medical expenses, vehicle repairs, wages lost, and rehabilitation, the cost of which may surpass what the insurance company initially offers. There is also the chance that the defendant’s attorney may attempt to file for partial negligence, which may implicate that you are partially at fault for the accident. Without an attorney, this accusation may be hard to manoeuvre and affect the pace at which you receive your compensation for your accident. If the defendant’s attorney proves that you are partially at fault, the amount of payment you were once eligible to receive may also decrease. This section of the law can be complex, and if you are not trained in how to manoeuvre it, you may face serious financial complications during a time in which you may not be able to recuperate from a financial loss.

Motorcycle collisions attorney cost

A motorcycle collision attorney’s cost will vary from case to case and has many outstanding factors that will affect the cost of each lawyer. One of the most often determining factors for the price of a lawyer is their track record of success. An experienced lawyer who has a large firm backing them alongside a good track record of success will often be pricier. However, they have the knowledge of all of their previous cases to assist them in gaining the best compensation for your case. Their good track record also exemplifies that they give their clients full attention on each case. You should also ask your lawyer for any recommendations their clients have written about them, if possible. This is a great way to see your lawyer’s relationship with their clients. When hiring a motorbike accident lawyer, you should also know whether you are paying them a flat rate or doing a contingency fee. If you are paying a lawyer a flat rate, be sure to question them on whether this includes any other expenses that may arise in your case, such as medical records, litigation costs, process server fees, expert witness fees, and deposition costs. If your lawyer offers you a contingency fee agreement, you will only owe attorney fees if they are successful in winning your case through a trial or, more commonly, through a settlement. When hiring an attorney, we recommend that you do not only look at their cost. While their expense is important, be sure to also analyse their experience, track record of success, communication and the trust they secure in your case. 

Motorcycle collisions permanent injury attorney

For those individuals who receive permanent injury from your motorbike accident, we strongly advise you to seek out a motorbike accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will assist you in filing a claim for your accident and ensure you understand the amount of money you may need to afford rehabilitation. Suppose the defendant’s insurers accept liability or a civil court decides someone else is to blame for your accident. In that case, your lawyer will immediately seek payment in regard to your compensation. If you wonder what the maximum compensation you could receive is, California only requires motorists to carry a minimum of $15,000 liability coverage. So unless the other parties’ insurance covers more than $15,000 it is possible that you will not receive the full value of compensation for your motorcycle accident injury. If the defendant does not have insurance, there are still means at your disposal which an attorney for motorcycle collisions will assist you in gaining compensation for your accident. 
Attorneys For Motorcycle Collisions in California

Hiring a motorcycle collisions attorney

We recommend you hire a motorcycle collisions attorney as soon as possible. If the guilty party is evidently liable, their insurance company may attempt to contact you directly. It is not recommended that you proceed in this conversation without the guidance of a motorcycle collisions attorney, as they will ensure you receive all of the compensation you are owed. If you are being accused of being at fault for an accident or partially at fault for one, your lawyer will analyze the evidence and guide you through your legal rights, depending on the circumstances of your case. The rules regarding time limits for filing a motorbike accident claim are that your claim must be filed within two years of your accident. However, we recommend you seek out a motorbike accident lawyer and start your case as soon as possible, as the longer you leave your case, the more evidence you may lose, which may negatively affect the results of your case.