Big Rig Accident Lawyer

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are involved in a big rig accident, we advise you seek out the counsel of a big rig accident lawyer. It is important that you seek out the counsel of a big rig accident lawyer as soon as possible when involved in a big rig accident, as you are not just dealing with an individual but potentially multiple corporate organisations, all hoping to avoid claiming liability. However, if the operator of the big rig vehicle is a fault, typically, it will be the trucking company who employed this driver who will be liable for your accident. The trucking company is at fault as the trucking industry is federally regulated, and trucking companies are obligated to do regular vehicle inspections, perform proper hiring and training procedures and obey federal trucking safety regulations. When you hire a big rig accident lawyer, they will investigate your accident and locate any evidence that supports your claim. Typically, most big rig accidents are settled out of court, but if neither side can agree on a settlement or on which party is liable, your case will be taken to court. If your case progresses to court, your big rig accident lawyer will guide you through this process, file appropriate claims that apply to your injuries and suffering and explain the court proceedings. This section of the law is quite complex and difficult to manoeuvre without the assistance of a lawyer, so we highly advise you to seek out the right lawyer to guide you through this difficult time.

Price of Big Rig Accident Lawyer

When looking for a big rig lawyer, there are many factors that will impact their cost, some of which are based on the specifics of your case and others on the reputation and experience of your desired lawyer. In terms of the cost of the lawyer in relation to your case, some determining factors could be the severity of your case, whether your case goes to court and the length of your case. When determining the cost for individual lawyers, there are also many factors that will impact the price that they typically set, the first usually being their experience. A lawyer with a lot of experience handling big rig accidents or extensive jury trial practice will charge more. Lawyers who are comfortable in this section of the law, know how to handle these large companies, aren’t afraid to take a case to trial and are aware of the necessary tactics to utilise to provide you with an appropriate settlement to cover your losses. Some other factors that may impact the cost of your lawyer and that you should consider when hiring a lawyer are their local knowledge if they possess an in-house investigator, prior success, client reviews, their policies on upfront costs and only paying if you win and lastly if they have a client-first mentality. These traits may cause a lawyer to be more expensive, but this is purely because they also make lawyers more desirable as they signify a lawyer’s capability in handling your case.  

Big Rig Accident Lawyer

Filing a Claim for a Big Rig Accident

If you were in an accident involving a big rig, you should seek out the counsel of a big rig lawyer immediately as they will guide you through the process of filing a claim. As the trucking industry is federally regulated, there are federal trucking safety regulations that each trucking company is obligated to follow. However, trucking companies often have a host of lawyers on their payroll that will search for any evidence to avoid claiming liability for your accident. Due to the large amount of legal protection that these companies hold, it is imperative that you seek out the counsel of a big rig accident lawyer. Your lawyer will analyse your case and make no losses to your property, damages to your property or body, cost of medical bills, cost of rehabilitation, your lost wages, and any other issues that may have derived from the accident. As big rigs are so much larger than other vehicles, the damages they can cause are often quite severe. It is not uncommon for those involved in big rig accidents to suffer from brain injuries, vision loss, spinal cord injuries, burns, amputations, or broken bones. After analysing all of your losses, injuries and the cost of sed injuries, and any evidence that supports your case, your attorney will present a claim to the opposing side. 

Big Rig Accident Lawyer

Big Rig Accident Lawyer No Insurance

As big rigs and their drivers are federally operated and mandated to adhere to federal trucking safety regulations; it is unlikely that they will risk driving a vehicle without insurance. However, in the event that an individual breaks the federal trucking safety regulations and is in an accident, the individual and the trucking company who employed them will face serious consequences. If an individual who is not operating a big rig is involved in an accident with one and does not possess insurance, your lack of insurance will seriously impact the success of your case. We advise that you seek out the counsel of a big rig lawyer as there will be claims that you may be eligible to file for. However, as you do not possess insurance, the claims you can file for will most likely be limited and possibly not cover all of the potential costs of your medical bills. If caught operating a vehicle without insurance, you may also face the consequences from the D.M.V. such as fines, suspended or revoked license, probation, or jail time in extremely negligent cases.

Big Rig Accident Lawyer in Court

Most big rig accidents are settled outside of court; however, if both sides cannot come to an agreement on the settlement or on who is liable, your case will be taken to court. Before your case goes to court, you will first have to go through the litigation process. During the litigation process, your lawyer will discover relevant information on the case, and both sides will exchange information and evidence. If either side discovers overwhelming evidence in favour of one side, this may prevent you from having to go to court. If your case still goes to court, your lawyer will present their opening statement to the court and proceed to present evidence that supports your claim. It is highly inadvisable to attempt to go to court without the assistance of a lawyer. Without a lawyer guiding you through this process, you may be taken advantage of by your opposition and even lose your case.