Compensation for Motorbike Injury

When accidents occur for motorcyclists in California, we suggest you seek out the counsel of an accident attorney to receive appropriate compensation for motorbike injuries. Unfortunately, as of a 2016 research, the state of California was shown to be home to the highest number of motorcyclist accidents in the nation. With the assistance of a motorbike injury lawyer, they will help you navigate the complexities of the legal system in this area. This may include your lawyer assisting in finding evidence that implicates the defendant’s negligence in causing your accident, helping you file claims and assisting you in your conversations with insurance companies. Due to the structure of motorcycles compared to that of other vehicles such as cars, trucks or vans if an accident occurs between these vehicles can be devastating for motorcyclists. Often if it is evident that the defendant is negligible in causing the accident, their insurance company may attempt to contact you directly. We do not advise you to continue conversing with this insurance company without the guidance of a motorbike injury lawyer, as your lawyer will ensure you receive the full amount of compensation you are owed. As California only requires motorists to carry a minimum of $15,000 liability coverage, your accident compensation may be limited to $15K. With the rising expenses of health care, your lawyer will ensure that you receive as much of this money as you are owed.

When to hire a motorbike injury attorney?

It is advised that you seek out the counsel of a motorbike injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will analyze your case and gather evidence to support your claim. This evidence may include revealing how the defendant was negligible in causing your accident, whether speaking to the police and finding evidence of them speeding or being charged with a D.U.I or obtaining video evidence of them not focusing while on the road. Your lawyer will most likely also present evidence of your medical costs such as surgery, rehabilitation and any other bills that may occur when filing your claim. This will explain why you request a certain amount of compensation for your accident. While the window to file your claim is two years in California, we recommend that you file your claim as soon as possible, or at the very least have a consultation with a motorbike injury lawyer to discuss your options moving forward. We suggest this as your lawyer may require evidence to prove your case, including that of an eyewitness. The longer you wait to file your case, the more evidence you may lose, which could negatively affect your case’s outcome and the amount of compensation you receive.
Compensation for Motorbike Injury

Motorbike Injury Case in Court

Most motorcycle accidents conclude upon an agreed settlement in which the party proven liable agrees with the innocent party on the compensation they are owed. However, there are instances where neither party claims liability or can agree on the settlement. In these circumstances, the case will be taken to court. If a lawyer does end up representing your case in court, you may be required to testify on all of the damages you have received from the incident. Your lawyer will help you prepare and understand the possible outcomes of taking your case to court. Most likely, your lawyer will gather evidence of the defendant’s negligence in your accident which they will present to the court, alongside any expenses that have arisen due to the accident, to explain the requirements of your compensation claim. Your lawyer is here to guide you through this process every step of the way.
Compensation for Motorbike Injury

Motorbike Injury and No Insurance

California requires all motorcyclists to possess the minimum insurance of $15,000. Having insurance is necessary as it guarantees any motorcycle riders can pay for any losses or injuries they cause to others. Due to proposition 213 passed in California in 1996, if a motorcyclist is in an accident and does not possess insurance, their ability to file for certain damages is limited, and the amount of compensation they could have received is often reduced. Even if the accident is proved to be entirely due to another driver’s negligence, you will still be negatively impacted due to not possessing insurance. However, if the opposing driver is held liable for the accident and does not contest your claim, you are eligible to receive some compensation. Typically, your lawyer will attempt to get an uninsured client compensation for some medical costs, lost wages and property loss. However, uninsured riders are not capable of filing claims for pain and suffering or disfigurement. It is also important to note that the D.M.V. will possibly subject you to fines, licence suspension, and possibly impounding your motorcycle once you are found not to have insurance. Possessing the correct documentation when driving is essential. We advise all of our clients to seek insurance in the inevitable event that they are in a car accident and hurt themselves or someone else.  

Cost of Motorbike Injury Attorney

Determining the cost of your motorbike injury lawyer will depend on your accident’s circumstances and will vary from case to case. Some factors that may impact the cost of your case are the severity of your accident, the length of your case and whether or not it goes to trial. When hiring a lawyer, you should also check their experience, track record of success, communication and the trust they secure in your case, as this will all impact the cost of your lawyer. When hiring a motorbike accident lawyer, you should also know whether you are paying them a flat rate or doing a contingency fee. If you are paying a lawyer a flat rate, be sure to question them on whether this includes any other expenses that may arise in your cases, such as the cost of medical records, litigation costs, process server fees, expert witness fees and deposition costs. If your lawyer offers you a contingency fee agreement, you will only owe attorney fees if they successfully win your case through a trial or, more commonly, through a settlement.