Lawyer for Big Rig Collisions

 In the event that a collision occurs between a big rig and your vehicle on the road, the injuries that result can be devastating or, at times, fatal. You may incur many medical bills for rehabilitation, medicines, surgery, and potentially medical devices from these injuries. With your partner or family member potentially out of work and with lost wages, these bills can be detrimental to your family’s financial stability. For these reasons, we advise those in big rig accidents to receive counsel from a lawyer for big rig collisions. Your lawyer will analyse your case and assess what claims you are applicable for, and gain evidence to support your claim. Your lawyer will also assist you in presenting your case, and in the unlikely event that you go to court, your lawyer will help you in your court proceedings. It is never advisable to tackle court cases involving big rigs without the counsel of an experienced lawyer, as this section of the law can be quite complex. Your lawyer is here to help you receive the best outcome possible and receive an appropriate amount of compensation for the accident you have been involved in.  

Lawyer for Big Rig Collisions

Lawyer for Big Rig Collisions Permanent Injury

If you analyse the composition of trucks compared to other vehicles on the road, the damage that may incur when an accident occurs between these two vehicles can be quite severe if not fatal. Serious injuries such as brain injury, blindness or impaired vision, spinal cord injury, burns, necessary amputations or broken bones are known to occur. With a member of your family being unable to work and possibly not receiving wages, these bills can often overwhelm families. It is important to seek out the counsel of a big rig attorney as they will guide you through the process of filing claims to receive the appropriate financial compensation for your medical bills.

Lawyer for Big Rig Collision Fatal Injury

If your loved one succumbs to their injuries, we are aware of how difficult these times may be for you. You are suffering the loss of someone who is dear to you while multiple insurance companies and lawyers are hassling you over the potential claims you may be eligible to file. While we know this is a difficult time, we strongly suggest you find a big rig collision lawyer to take these extra hassles off of your plate and leave you with time to mourn. Your lawyer will analyse your case, determine how the defendant is negligible, and devise a claim supporting any damages the victim and their family may have faced due to the accident. These claims may include any medical bills that the victim might have incurred, lost wages, funeral costs and the loss of a financial earner in the family. Your lawyer is here to support you during this time and can help this process go by much easier than you handling it alone.

Lawyer for Big Rig Accident Settlement

Due to the multiple factors that may impact a settlement and verdict of an 18-wheeler accident and that most cases are confidential, it is difficult to predict the average settlement for these types of accidents. There are typically two forms of damages within truck accidents that may apply to your case compensatory and punitive. Compensatory damages refer to the money you will be rewarded through your case either through court or a settlement. At the same time, punitive damages, which are rarer, refer to assessing damages to punish a defendant for severe misconduct and are meant to reform or deter the defendant from making similar decisions in the future. There are also two forms of compensatory damages that your lawyer may file claims for, economic and non-economic. Economic damages are the physical losses you have faced due to your accident. An example of economic damages would be your medical treatment cost, vehicle damage, lost wages, loss of future earnings and accessibility expenses. Non-economic damages are a broader definition of describing other losses that you may have faced due to the accident. An example of non-economic damages may be loss of companionship, pain and suffering, permanent disability, disfigurement, reduced quality of life and loss of consortium. Your big rig attorney will help you navigate these claims and inform you of which best apply to you and your case. 


Lawyer for big rig collisions
Lawyer for Big Rig Accident Court Case

Most big rig accidents are settled outside of court; however, if both sides cannot come to an agreement on the settlement or on who is liable, your case will be taken to court. Before your case goes to court, you will have to go through the litigation process first. During the litigation process, your lawyer will discover relevant information on the case, and both sides will exchange information and evidence. If either side discovers overwhelming evidence in favour of one side, this may prevent you from having to go to court. If your case still goes to court, your lawyer will present their opening statement to the court and proceed to present evidence that supports your claim. It is highly inadvisable to attempt to go to court without the assistance of a lawyer. Without a lawyer guiding you through this process, you may be taken advantage of by your opposition and even lose your case.