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Lawyer for Motorcycle Accidents

Suppose you were in a motorcycle accident and are either accused of being at fault or are a victim of another party’s negligent driving. In that case, we strongly advise you to seek the counsel of a lawyer for motorcycle accidents. Some of the most common accusations brought against motorcyclists for being at fault for an accident are riding at an unsafe speed, using improper turning signals, impeding a car’s right of way, driving while impaired or performing an unsafe lane change. While there may be evidence of you being at fault for an accident, a good lawyer for motorcycle accidents will be able to analyze your case and find evidence that may lead to you being only partially at fault due to either existential circumstances or on the part of the other driver’s negligence. As motorcycles have such a small profile compared to cars, they often go unseen by negligent drivers, which may cause an accident to ensue. In the state of California, there are thousands of cases each year that are caused by negligent drivers simply not being aware of a motorcyclist being in their proximity. While the motorcyclist may have been speeding or breaking some part of the law, there are instances where your lawyer may be able to argue that a competent driver would have still been capable of spotting a motorcyclist and preventing an accident from ensuing. Gaining proper counsel from a lawyer for a motorcycle accident may assist you in manoeuvring your case, gaining the proper compensation you are owed, and dealing with pesky insurance companies.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Motorcycle accidents can completely alter your life, whether through lifelong debilitating injuries or by preventing you from working for a certain amount of time. No matter how your accident affects you, you deserve compensation for its effects on your life. There are instances where insurance agencies will contact motorcyclists directly and are persuaded not to bring a claim as they can handle the accident internally. We advise that you always seek the counsel of a lawyer for motorcycle accidents as they will be able to determine whether the insurance company is offering you adequate compensation for the cost of the aftereffects of your accident. If your lawyer deems the insurance company’s offer as insufficient, they will guide you through setting up a claim. Suppose the circumstances of the accident are unclear, or you are thought to be partially negligent for the accident. In that case, we still advise you to seek counsel from a lawyer as they will be able to analyse the evidence from the accident and determine whether you are still eligible to file a claim.

Motorcycle Injury Claim Lawyer

Many motorcyclists ask whether they can file a claim if they are accused of being at fault or partially at fault for an accident. While the law surrounding this area of motorcycle accidents is complex and should be discussed with your lawyer as the specifics of your case can impact their decision, your lawyer may still advise you to file for a claim. If the circumstances of the accident are clear, the insurance company will often admit liability and provide you with compensation. If the insurance company does not accept liability, your lawyer will investigate your claim. The investigation of your claim may include interviewing witnesses, reviewing evidence from the scene of the accident, obtaining the police report or analysing any CCTV or dashcam footage. If you were partially to blame for the accident, this evidence might prove the opposing parties’ negligence. For those individuals that are partially to blame for their accidents, your compensation may be subject to being reduced due to what is referred to as contributory negligence. Regardless of whether your compensation is reduced, we still advise our clients to file a claim and follow the legal advice of their lawyers.

Lawyer for Motorcycle Accidents

Injury Lawyer for Motorcycle Accidents

Due to the structure of motorcycles, they can so often leave their riders in dire situations in the unfortunate event that they were to be in an accident. While California, unlike some other states, does have a universal helmet law, which requires riders to wear helmets at all times, the damage riders are subject to in accidents can be devastating if not fatal. Therefore it is imperative to seek out the counsel of a lawyer for motorcycle accidents to guide you through your case. Your lawyer will help you file your claim for any injuries and damages caused to your body and vehicle with the defendant’s insurance company. They will also help you file a claim concerning your rehabilitation process. When your lawyer puts in a claim for damages, it is so you can receive the best possible treatment for your injury without worrying about being able to afford your medical fees. In the disastrous event that your loved one receives a fatal injury in a motorcycle accident, there are measures you can take. A fatal injury compensation claim can cover funeral expenses or concerns about lifelong dependency on the now diseased party. Losing a loved one can be hard to deal with, and the laws in this area can be complex and hard to manoeuvre. A good motorcycle injury lawyer will assist you through this process and file your claim to ensure your family’s safety financially.

Motorcycle Injury lawyer California

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, we strongly advise you to seek out the counsel of a lawyer for motorcycle accidents as soon as possible. In California, the general rule is that civil court action must take place within three years of your accident. There are exceptions to this time limit, such as individuals who lack the mental capacity to file a claim are not subject to a time limit. Also, if you are under 18 and are involved in a motorcycle accident, your time limit to start your court proceedings is until you reach your 21st birthday. However, you must start your claim as soon as possible as this will impact how you will receive financial assistance. Leaving your case for long periods of time will also affect the evidence that can be found and put into question any statements in your favour provided by witnesses, which may negatively affect the outcome of your case. The financial pressure that ensues after an accident can be devastating to your family, and we advise you to obtain a. motorcycle injury lawyer so they can assist you in getting all of the financial compensation you are owed in a timely manner.