Long Beach Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in an incident that was another party’s negligent fault, you are likely entitled to some form of compensation. A good Long Beach accident attorney will work closely with a client during their initial inquiry through to the end of their claim. When entering into a legal dispute, many vehicle owners instinctually turn to their car insurance or the guilty party when covering the financial damages after an accident. While your insurance is meant to cover damages that you may incur in an accident, we find that this is not always the case, and you may not receivea all of the assistance you are entitled to. If you are in this situation, it is imperative that you seek out a Long Beach accident attorney.

Who pays for the attorney in a car accident?

The cost of a contingency fee for a Long Beach accident attorney is not a set price but is instead dependent on a number of differing factors. The factors that may determine your attorney’s contingency fees are the nature of your accident, the experience of your attorney, settling in or out of court, whether you file for a lawsuit, the difficulty of the case, each client’s specific needs and lastly the probability of success. It is also important to note that some agencies go by policies that, in layman’s terms, dictate that a client does not pay if they don’t win.

This policy does not apply to every law firm, and it is your responsibility as a client to discover whether your law firm uses this policy and what percentage of your lawsuit, if successful, will go towards your lawyer in your contingency agreement. The relationship between a client and lawyer should not begin until both parties agree upon the contingency fee. If the law firm you have aligned yourself with does require payment regardless of whether you win or lose the case, clients should be aware that a contingency fee may not be the only charge in their lawsuit. An attorney may also request fees to acquire medical records, court filing fees, investigative costs, expert fees and administrative fees. However, suppose you are the defendant (being sued). In that case, your car insurance will typically pay for an attorney to represent you in a lawsuit as part of the insurance company’s duty to defend.

Car accident attorney no insurance

In California, it is mandatory that car owners register for at least the minimum amount of auto insurance. Drivers in California are required to possess liability insurance that covers the minimum of $15,000 for injury or death of another party or $30,000 for the injury and death of two or more people. Your insurance is also required to cover at least $5,000 in property damage. Suppose you are ticketed and caught without car insurance that is viewed as an infraction and is punishable with a fine between $100 – $200 and may lead to your vehicle being impounded. However, if you are caught in a car accident without car insurance, you may face more severe penalties. If involved in a car accident and caught without car insurance, you face your licence being suspended, civil litigation, or a direct civil lawsuit from the other party. It is important that you follow your state’s requirements on car insurance to avoid these matters.