Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Within the state of California, there are approximately 800,000 registered motorcyclists, and as of 2017 were considered home to the highest number of motorcyclists in the nation. Due to this high number of motorcyclists, unfortunately, there is a high number of motorcycle accidents of varying degrees of severity. Unlike a car, motorcycles leave their riders with very little protection, and when accidents occur on motorcycles, they can often be life-changing if they are not fatal. If you are a motorcyclist and have been in an accident, we urge you to contact a motorcycle injury lawyer. Some of the most common accidents that motorcyclists find themselves in are being broadsided, overturned, hitting an object, rear-ended or sideswiped. Many motorcyclists are aware of the need for a motorcycle injury lawyer when they are the victim of a car accident. However, a motorcycle injury lawyer is also beneficial when motorcyclists are at fault.

If you were in an accident and were riding at an unsafe speed, used improper turning signals, impeded a car’s right of way, were driving while impaired or performed an unsafe lane change, you should still seek out a motorcycle injury lawyer. If you are accused or believe you are at fault for an accident, your lawyer will assess the case and determine whether there is an argument for both parties being at fault and guide you through the court proceedings.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Best Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

When you are looking for the best motorcycle injury lawyer to handle the specifics of your case, there are certain traits that you should look out for. The first is experience; a good motorcycle injury lawyer will have previous experience handling vehicular accident claims and will be able to guide you through this process smoothly. It is essential to find a motorcycle injury lawyer with experience as not only will they guide you through your court proceedings, but they will also be able to explain the process to you clearly and keep you both on track as to what is currently happening in your case. Finally, there is the issue of price; make sure you find the best lawyer in your area according to your price budget, and if possible, request any previous accolades your lawyer may have received from a former client. You must also consider how your lawyer devises their payment as some may charge you extra for any expenses that may arise later in your case, while others have a flat fee. A good motorcycle injury lawyer will also bring up the question of liability, the severity of your injury, rehabilitation and its cost, medical evidence and whether you will have to go to trial. Once these topics have been investigated and discussed, your lawyer will present an offer in court or to the other party to proceed in your settlement negotiations.

Motorcyle Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the first questions your personal injury lawyer will bring up is your accident’s ‘quantum’ or severity. The topic of the severity of your accident is crucial as it will determine how much you will be compensated in damages. Typically, when someone is in a motorcycle accident, they are compensated for their pain and suffering. If your accident was more severe, you could also be compensated for ‘loss of amenity, meaning the loss of your capability to do specific actions on your own. If there are any other financial issues derived due to the accident, such as the loss of your job or valuable items, it is also important to mention this to your personal injury lawyer as this may also impact the compensation that you receive. Your personal injury lawyer in accidents that call for it will also bring up the topic of rehabilitation. Your motorcycle personal injury lawyer will usually get the defendant’s insurer to pay for private rehabilitation. Even in the case of liability disputed claims, many insurers will pay for private insurance for your rehabilitation at the beginning of your court proceedings. Your personal injury lawyer is here to guide you through this difficult time and assist you with any questions regarding your case.

Motorcycle Collisions Attorney

When in a motorcycle collision, you should seek out a motorcycle collisions attorney as they will guide you through the necessary steps you will need to take to receive fair compensation from your accident. In the event that you were in a collision and there is a party that is clearly at fault, your attorney will bring up the topic of liability. When your lawyer sends your claim, the opposing side will have to set out their position of liability. The opposing side’s lawyer will either concede liability in full, contest your claim, or concede to their driver being partly at fault. If the opposing side concedes to being partially at fault, they will typically claim that you were partially to claim for the accident. If they concede liability, they are admitting to being entirely to blame for the accident, and if they contest your claim, they are claiming that they were not at fault for the accident. Your lawyer will guide you through the necessary action required depending on the opposing side’s claim. However, if the liability is disputed and there is not enough evidence to prove the opposing parties’ negligence, your case may be taken to court. 
Motorcycle Injury Lawyer
Motorcycle Injury Lawyer
Motorcycle Accident Attorney
If you have been in a motorcycle accident, regardless of whether you are being accused of being at fault or are the victim of another driver’s negligence, we strongly advise that you seek the legal assistance of a motorcycle accident attorney. If you are being accused of being at fault for a vehicular accident, your attorney will help you assess the events of the accident. Depending on the evidence that your lawyer finds, you may be able to contest or file for being partially at fault for the accident. If you are entirely at fault for the accident and there is no evidence for the other party being partially to blame, your attorney will assist you in conceding to the other party’s claims. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, your attorney will consider the liability and severity of an accident when assisting you in filing your claim. Once the claim has been made and the defendant’s side has announced how they will be pleading, typically, the offer will commence. Offers will involve a few rounds of offers and counters and are known to take some time. Once the evidence is complete, and both parties are allowed to fully analyse the accident, the offer will typically commence when both parties agree to the terms of the offer.