Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself a defendant in a criminal case then it is highly advised that you find a criminal defence attorney. If you happen to be in California a criminal defence attorney in Long Beach Ca is the best route to turn to for your case as they will understand the laws of your area best. Whether you are merely a suspect or if you have been charged with a crime, regardless of your circumstance we advise that you seek the counsel of a criminal defence attorney. While there are circumstances in which you can choose to represent yourself in court we do not recommend it as it may lead to you losing your case. Depending on the crime you are being accused of losing your case could mean a fine, probation, or sentencing of prison time, all of which can have drastic effects on your everyday life. A criminal defence lawyer is trained to understand aspects of the law that you may not fully comprehend, they will ensure that your legal rights are upheld and that you are given a fair trial by correctly presenting your case in court. It is important that you and your criminal defence attorney are on the same page, you both should be aware of the possible outcomes of the court proceedings and be clear on what you the client desire. Your attorney is here to help you and their aim is to get you through these court proceedings as smoothly as possible.

Are Criminal Defence lawyers expensive?

There is no one set price for a criminal defence lawyer as their rate can vary due to many different factors depending on the lawyer. Some of these factors are, the skill and experience of the attorney, seriousness of the offence, amount of time spent on the case, whether the attorney charges a flat fee or by the hour and whether the case goes to trial. Yet it is also important to note that the constitution guarantees you the right to counsel in a criminal prosecution, meaning that even if you can not afford a lawyer you will be appointed one by the court. This decision, however, is dependent on your income and the court can decide that your income and assets are stable enough to afford a lawyer. If this is the case you will have to seek a private attorney or alternatively against our recommendation represent yourself in court. Being provided with a court-appointed lawyer also has it’s drawbacks, you the client do not get to pick the attorney and aren’t aware of their qualifications until they are provided to you. A court-appointed attorney can often be overwhelmed with handling many cases at once and may not be able to provide your case with the proper attention that it deserves. We advise that if you can afford to seek the counsel of a private attorney that you do so. A private attorney will prioritise your case and handle it in a manner that best suits you.

What does a criminal defence lawyer do?

During your case, if you hire a criminal defence attorney an experienced attorney will guide you through the entirety of the court proceedings, and assist your argument against any criminal defence charges that are brought against you. If you are in the circumstance where you have been arrested, taken into police custody, or booked by the police your attorney will assist you through this matter. After this process, if applicable you will be provided with an opportunity to post bail. Finally, your attorney will accompany you to your arraignment where you will be read all of the charges brought against you and have the opportunity to plead innocent or guilty. After which your lawyer will advise you in the best course of action for your specific case. The legal system can be confusing and hard to understand at times, which is why we advise that you do not tackle it alone and acquire a lawyer to help you through this time.

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