Find the Best DUI Attorneys

If you are in California and have been accused of driving under the influence, you should seek the counsel of a DUI attorney in Long Beach. Whether you have been accused of driving while drunk, high, or on any other substance a DUI attorney will guide you through your court proceedings. If charged with a DUI in the state of California the penalties for your actions may be quite high. For first offenders charged with a DUI these penalties may include three years of informal probation, fines that can add up to $2,000.00 and mandatory participation in an alcohol program. The alcohol program will typically consist of a 30-hour class that may add up to a cost of about $500. Whether you are guilty of this crime or innocent, we still advise you to seek out a DUI attorney as they can assist you in understanding the specific penalties of your case. A DUI attorney will also plead your case and ensure that you have a fair case in court. Your Attorney is here to help you understand and guide you through these proceedings and can be a great form of relief when going through your case.

Why do I Need a DUI Attorney?

While a private attorney is not mandatory it is highly recommended that you acquire one if you can financially afford their services. If you cannot afford a private attorney and qualify for the requirements of the court, you will be offered a public defender. While a public defender is one alternative to take, they are often overworked and handling multiple cases at once and may not be able to provide your case with all the attention that it deserves. Another option that we do not recommend is that you proceed with your court case without representation. Going into court without representation is ill-advised as you may find yourself facing more severe penalties without an attorney there to interpret the legal system on your behalf. When you hire a private DUI attorney you are gaining someone with potentially years of experience working specifically in cases related to DUI’s. Often Private DUI attorney’s possess certification in DUI defence from the California Bar Association, have taken specific classes on DUI law, and potentially could have experience working as a prosecutor on DUI cases. A private attorney is trained not only on how to tackle the specifics of your case but is capable of explaining your case proceedings to you so you are fully aware of the charges you are facing.

When Should I Hire a DUI Attorney?

It is best to seek the counsel of a DUI attorney as soon as you have been charged with driving under the influence. Depending on whether this is your first offence or not, the charges you may be facing can vary, which is why it is best to locate a DUI attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can elaborate on the potential charges you may be facing and the consequences they may hold. Also, if an attorney is present at the beginning of your court proceedings they will have a clear understanding of the progression of your case, allowing you both to be on the same page in comprehending your court proceedings. Your attorney is here to ensure that you have the best outcome from your court case so being on the same page is a crucial aspect of your relationship. Your attorney is here to assist and guide you through this difficult time.

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