Truck Accident No Insurance

As there are federal mandates, truck companies and drivers must adhere to federal trucking safety regulations, this makes it unlikely for them to risk an incident where a truck accident no insurance case can be filed against them. However, in the event that an individual breaks the federal trucking safety regulations and is in an accident, the individual and the trucking company who employed them will face serious consequences. If you are not operating a truck and are involved in an accident with one and do not possess insurance, your lack of insurance will seriously impact the success of your case. We advise that you seek out the counsel of a truck accident lawyer as there will be claims that you may be eligible to file for. However, as you do not possess insurance, the claims you can file for will most likely be limited and possibly not cover all of the potential costs of your medical bills. If caught operating a vehicle without insurance, you may also face the consequences from the D.M.V. such as fines, suspended or revoked license, probation, or jail time in extremely negligent cases.

Will My Case go to Court?

Typically most semi-truck cases are settled before a lawsuit is filed, so it is highly uncommon for your case to be taken to court. However, if neither side can come to an agreement your case will be taken to court. If your case by chance gets taken to court your truck accident attorney will help you navigate your court proceedings. Your case may go to trial if the trucking defendants deny liability, multiple parties are at fault for the accident, or the victims of the accident have suffered severe injuries. Before your case goes to trial, your lawyer will guide you through the litigation process. Both sides will exchange information about the trial during the litigation process, and your lawyer will gather evidence that supports your case. At times if the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of either party, this may also prevent you from going to trial. During the actual trial process, your lawyer will present any evidence that supports your case and state the necessary claims for compensation for any economic and non-economic damages you may have faced.

Truck Accident No Insurance

Being Charged for a Truck Collision

In the event that the defence attempts to charge you with causing a truck accident, we highly advise you to seek out the counsel of a truck accident attorney. Your attorney will analyse your case and gather any evidence on the events of your case to see who is truly liable. If your lawyer can’t prove that you are either not liable or only partial liable, you will have to go to court or settle your case. If by chance the accident was caused due to the extreme negligence of one party, such as driving under the influence of a substance or conducting general reckless behaviour while operating a vehicle. In that case, there is a possibility of facing punitive damages. Punitive damages will devise a way to punish you for your negligent driving. Under punitive damages, you could have your licence suspended or revoked, be put on probation or perhaps face jail time. As there are often many corporate and financial agencies involved in truck accidents, we advise you to seek a lawyer to assist you in facing these charges.

Truck Accident No Insurance

Truck Accident Settlement

There are multiple factors that may impact a settlement and verdict of a truck making it difficult to predict the average settlement for these types of accidents. There are typically two forms of damages within truck accidents that may apply to your case compensatory and punitive. Compensatory damages refer to the money you will be rewarded through your case either through court or a settlement. At the same time, punitive damages, which are rarer, refer to assessing damages to punish a defendant for severe misconduct and are meant to reform or deter the defendant from making similar decisions in the future. There are also two forms of compensatory damages that your lawyer may file claims for, economic and non-economic. Economic damages are the physical losses you have faced due to your accident. An example of economic damages would be your medical treatment cost, vehicle damage, lost wages, loss of future earnings and accessibility expenses. Non-economic damages are a broader definition of describing other losses that you may have faced due to the accident. An example of non-economic damages may be loss of companionship, pain and suffering, permanent disability, disfigurement, reduced quality of life and loss of consortium. Your truck accident attorney will help you navigate these claims and inform you of which best apply to you and your case.